Canadian College

International   Centre    for    Handwriting  Analysis
"Our handwriting is a dynamic monitor of mind and body.  The Canadian system of Graphology, Kineseography, was founded thirty years ago.  Our objective has always been to offer the world recognized diplomas and a powerful, well researched system in holistic handwriting analysis."
Welcome to Canada's powerful, holistic, scientific system of handwriting analysis - Kineseography -and Canadian College Kineseography (CCK).  We focus on courses, seminars, forgery detection, graphological research and education.  Unique in its field, this system of graphology is:
  • The world's only holistic approach (mind and body) to handwriting analysis.
  • Canada's only school offering recognized diploma programmers in scientific handwriting analysis; 
  • Extremely thorough since it addresses the neurological and psychological aspects of handwriting -the mind body connection;
  • A center for forged, questioned handwriting examination and fraud detection;
  • A College that offers cyber and correspondence courses  for anyone in the world as well as in class sessions for those in the Greater Toronto Area.
  •  A system of handwriting analysis that is researched and fact-based.  No sensationalism or sweeping generalities here 
  • A system that has proven that illegible, sloppy writing is body and not mind based.
                                       Cleaning Up Graphology
At the time of CCK's Toronto founding over 30 years ago, orthodox graphology was rife with self-proclaimed experts,  sensationalism and dangerous generalizations.    The focus on this valuable tool seemed to be entertainment.  These weaknesses in graphology dramatically reduced the accuracy and credibility of this powerful personality testing tool and physical science.
 Our founder's background in neuropsychology neuro and gross anatomy, osteopathy and nutrition increased her awareness of the physical side of handwriting's movements and emotionally significant symbols.  It was found that many of the signs and symbols used in orthodox graphology as indicators of 'mental  illness" were often neurologically not psychologically based. 
Because of her efforts then, the Canadian system of handwriting analysis, Kineseography,was devised and the Canadian College of Kineseography founded.  It is now the only holistic  school of  handwriting analysis  in the world.
Services Offered
  •  Private personality analyses for individuals;
  •  Corporate analyses for hiring purposes;
  •   Diploma courses in handwriting analysis;
  •   Seminars, workshops, lectures;
  •   Forensic, forged handwriting, typing and document examination.
1412 - 2384 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4P 3J7